BELLY LUBE Maternity Massage Oil  4 oz spray

BELLY LUBE Maternity Massage Oil 4 oz spray

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A RICH massage oil blend specially formulated for aiding skin elasticity during pregnancy.

While nothing is as sweet and endearing as a newborn baby, a little less adorable are the telltale signs of pregnancy left on the mother’s belly. Stretch marks, reddened streaks, loose and puckering skin can make for a pretty horrifying first trip to the mirror. Oils nourish skin and promote elasticity. Healing botanicals and vitamins, carried deep into tissue by lavish Emu oil, protect skin from permanent damage and help to ensure a future trim and tight tummy. Safe and all natural, BELLY LUBE is a mother’s new best friend. Nourishing for baby's delicate skin, too. Use BELLY LUBE as a healthy, no petroleum "baby oil" after bath and during diaper changes. For cradle cap, massage into scalp twice a week, wash out with a natural baby shampoo.

Application: Lavishly apply everywhere you want to keep skin soft and supple! Nourishing to baby's delicate skin, too.

Ingredients: Golden Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Shea Oil, Emu Oil, Vitamin E Oil and Lavender Oil.

Caution: Don't forget to use it! Check with your physician about adding essential fatty acids into your daily diet. They are important for you and your skin, and important for baby, too!