CHARMED PITS Natural Deodorant 3 oz

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CHARMED PITS Deodorant is made from all natural ingredients and does not contain aluminum or petroleum products, ingredients long suspected with medical problems.

All natural deodorants, while safe and earth friendly, require careful grooming, reapplication and an understanding for why the commercial guys load their stuff up with aluminum. CHARMED PITS Deodorant does not smell like baby powder or flowers. It is an odorless all natural and safe alternative. When it comes to health and safety issues, CHARMED PITS Natural Deodorant offers an informed and natural choice.

Application: Apply to underarms after bathing or showering. Re-apply if necessary after heavy activity.

Ingredients: Oregano oil, tea tree oil, sage, goldenseal, rosemary, and essential oils of ginger lily, lavender, and geranium with coconut oil and bee’s wax.

Caution: As with all herbal products, please do not use without consulting your physician."Avoid antiperspirant at all costs. Lymph nodes are particularly sensitive to chemical penetration from aluminum and petroleum by-products

Temperature variances will affect the consistency of this product.