FIRE OUT! Athlete's Foot Solution  .5 oz Roll Up Tube

FIRE OUT! Athlete's Foot Solution .5 oz Roll Up Tube

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FIRE OUT! takes the burn out of Athlete's Foot.

This product handles Athlete's Foot and other skin fungus like a pro. Never fear a shower room again. Make FIRE OUT! standard equipment for athletics, travel and play. Lurking on many locker room and motel floors is the scourge of Athlete’s Foot. Itching, cracking, blisters, sores and oozing can be the unhappy result of poor antiseptic cleaning. FIRE OUT! is a safe and effective solution you can use at home to both protect before using a locker room or to treat an existing infection. Athlete’s Foot is a fungal infection. FIRE OUT! will cure it and protect from future outbreaks. Athlete’s Foot solution that works. No more sore and embarrassing foot problems and no more fear of public floors. FIRE OUT! When there's more than Athlete's Foot to be concerned with!

Application: Rub onto affected skin on feet and between the toes. Apply twice daily, preferably morning and night. May cause dry skin and slight peeling in areas where heavily applied.

Ingredients: Oregano Oil, Wintergreen Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Juniper Berry Oil, Menthol, Calendula, Usnea, Thuja, in a base of Coconut Oil and Beeswax

Caution: Do not apply to mucous membranes or get in eyes. Do not take internally. This is considered a safe topical ointment but please do not use if you are pregnant or nursing without consulting your physician.

Use Fire Out!® Athlete's Foot Treatment as a preventative after exposure to locker rooms or common athletic areas. (Your local exercise facility is only as clean as the last person who used it!)