BEACH BUTTER Sun Protection Lotion  8 oz bottle

BEACH BUTTER Sun Protection Lotion 8 oz bottle

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BEACH BUTTER Sun Protection Lotion is a safe and all natural way to protect your skin against UVB and both short and long UVA radiation.

It is PABA free. SPF levels, from 8 to 30, do not vary as much as people think. The higher that SPF number is the more dangerous petroleum products are probably included. SPF levels beyond 15 do not increase exponentially and are not significant enough to balance the added risk. Beach Butter®Sunblock has NO harmful petroleum additives. It is a blend of all natural ingredients and oils and is amazingly waterproof. Add additional layers of BEACH BUTTER Sunblock every ninety minutes.

NOW In an 8 oz bottle.

Application: Apply liberally to exposed skin areas. Re-apply after 90 minutes.

Ingredients: Zinc Oxide, avocado oil, jojoba oil, shea oil, Vitamin E, benzoin, virgin coconut oil and bee’s wax.

Caution: Assist children in applying to insure even, full coverage. Do the research, get ENOUGH sun to avoid cancer!