We just loved plants and their incredible power.

We love what we do

We have created remedies of all kinds for difficult issues. We’re good at it, knowing the properties and purposes of hundreds of plants and herbs.

"Two Grannies in a Garage"

Admittedly, thirty or more years ago we didn’t pay much attention to green living or even ‘all natural’ products.  We just loved plants and their incredible power.

Times Change.

Our kids grew older and suffered from rashes, stings and bites. I had a child with asthma. We lived in a rural setting, rich in botanicals, healing herbs and healthy air. We both discovered a passion for aromatherapy, healing oils and growing plants. Once our friendship sparked, we found ourselves drying herbs and botanicals, concocting salves and subjecting our husbands and children to our cures.

All that research led us to several conclusions. Natural was better! Artificial chemicals had taken over cosmetic, cleaning and hair care lines. Many name brand suppliers were loading their goods with unpronounceable ingredients and all kinds of petroleum by-products. The more we read, the more determined we became to create a safe, all natural and earth friendly alternative. We buried ourselves in textbooks, research, and every source for botanicals we could find. Charlotte went back to school and earned a degree in alternative medicine.

Much to our surprise people began to take us seriously. They would ask our advice. Ask us what they should use on various maladies or problems. One afternoon we came up with a formulation for a friend struggling with toenail fungus. It was a definite “ah-ha” moment. We knew this stuff would work. We spent the next several hours developing a marketing plan. Before nightfall we had three products, three formulations and a business plan. The next day we went shopping, came home and created our first one-ounce tin of No Fungus Among Us.  That product is now sold as Happy Toes.

Home party season!

For a season we had a “Home Party” plan. We called it House Call. That gave us a chance to speak face to face with groups of friends and their friends all at one time about our products and what we had been learning. That was such an invigorating time! To see others light up with understanding, go home and implement changes for the betterment of their families was very rewarding.

To understand plant properties is to understand science. Certain conditions require certain components. If you can find the ingredient list on most prescriptions, you will discover the pharmaceutical companies use parts of the same plants. Except they pump them full of chemical additives to produce faster results. All natural products may work a bit slower but they have few side effects and produce more lasting results. Our top seller from day one was a salve that eliminates warts and skin tags. Like most of our products, it came about as a direct result of a grandchild having warts and friends complaining about skin tags. Another top seller, Skin Wizard, was created for a diabetic friend suffering from swollen and discolored legs.

Our successes have encouraged us to view ourselves and all the grandmothers that came before us as “the Holders of the Wisdom.”  People have even referred to our products as Grannie Approved. That term stuck. We use the Grannie Approved seal on the site and on labeling. If you like natural healing and avoiding as many toxic chemicals as you can, give the Grannies a try.  You will approve.