Don’t Pull That Weed! Study it!

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When most people take a walk in the woods or amble through a field, they are not aware the plants all around them are the very basis for many of the pharmaceuticals and prescriptions available today.  So next time you see these botanicals, don’t think of them as weeds or pests, realize they offer life saving qualities for those how know how to produce them.  What exactly do the words herb and botanical mean?


1. culinary and medicinal plant: a low-growing aromatic plant used fresh or dried for seasoning, for its medicinal properties, or in perfumes. Sage and rosemary are herbs.

2. BOTANY plant without woody stems: a seed-producing flowering plant that does not produce woody stems and that forms new stems and leaves each season

3. DRUGS  ( slang )


 bo•tan•i•cal [ bə tánnik’l ] or bo•tan•ic [ bə tánnik ], adjective


of plants: relating to plants, especially to the scientific study of plants, noun  (plural bo•tan•i•cals) (plural bo•tan•ics)


plant-based drug: a drug or product made from plants ( often used in the plural )

Sometimes I believe the reason the large drug houses lobby so relentlessly to eliminate small companies that produce natural products from plants that grow around us every day is because they really do not want us to understand these plants and their amazing healing powers.  They keep pushing their adulterated versions of these plants, a collection of concoctions pumped up with petroleum products and synthetic chemicals.  And because many of those prescriptions are ridiculously expensive it does not please them for you to discover that same plant thriving in your garden. 

So what am I suggesting?   I guess I am hoping you will go out and buy a couple good books on herbs and botanicals and learn what these plants can do for us.  Maybe you don’t want to learn how to convert those plants into salves and ointments.  But search out the companies that do that.  Wouldn’t it be refreshing in times of high gas prices, exorbitant groceries and lost jobs if you could buy a tin of anti-fungal cream, all natural and earth friendly for a mere fraction of what that chemical laced prescription costs? 

Am I forgetting something?  I am.  I forgot to mention the fear mongering hosted by the drug companies.  It insinuates herbs and botanicals are wildly dangerous and poisonous.  To be sure, some of them can be.  Responsible use of plants requires a little bit of study.  But you don’t have to read the whole book!  Just the precautions and facts about the plant you are going to cultivate. 

Not all plants are good for all people.  There are certainly restrictions for pregnant and lactating women.  But let’s keep all things in perspective.  Have you ever listened to those horrifying and scary side effects to the prescription stuff?  I don’t know a single herb or botanical that comes close to those nightmare possibilities.

So enjoy those herbs and botanicals in your yard.  Read a bit.  Maybe even try to make a few capsules or ointments.  And when you want natural and safe products, produced from those very botanicals the Lord gave us to use, find a good company go scout out the possibilities at your local health food store.  

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