HAPPY TOES Nail Fungus Solution  STICK  .07 oz

HAPPY TOES Nail Fungus Solution STICK .07 oz

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Happy Toes Nail Fungus Solution eliminates fungus infection on fingers, toes, and under nails. It works. One of the greatest complaints of athletes, senior citizens, locker room users and hapless travelers is the sudden appearance of toenail fungus and a variety of foot fungus, skin fungus and nail fungus conditions. Products abound but almost none of them work. And sometimes, the cure is more hazardous to the body than the fungus infection.

Happy Toes Nail Fungus Solution is a safe and natural product that is effective as a toenail fungus remedy, nail fungus cure, and home remedy for all skin and nail fungus. DID YOU KNOW? $1,361.96 is the going price at a local pharmacy for a 3 month supply of the leading prescription drug treatment for toenail fungus! You may also be paying for a list of known side effects! DON’T give all that money away AND take risks with your health! Even if you have insurance, SOMEBODY pays. Spend you money wisely AND avoid taking risks with your health with Happy Toes Nail Fungus Solution!

Conveniently packaged in a roll-up stick applicator, Happy Toes STICK is the take-along companion to the Happy Toes .75 ounce tin. Great for easy on-the-go applications – traveling – busy schedules, etc. Created to help people stay on their regimen to elliminate nail fungus when already using Happy Toes Nail Fungus Solution.


Application: Push under affected toenail and rub HAPPY TOES® Nail Fungus Treatment into surface of affected toenail. During weeks 1 thru 4 of treatment apply twice daily, preferably morning and night. Weeks 4 through 8 apply once daily. After week 8 apply every other day until new toenail has been restored.  This can take 6 to 9 months, depending on nail growth rate.

Ingredients: Olive leaf, usnea, oregano oil, tea tree oil and juniper berry in a base of virgin coconut oil and bee's wax.

Caution: Do not apply to mucous membranes or get in eyes. Do not take internally. Keep away from children. This is considered a safe topical ointment, but please do not use if you are pregnant or nursing without consulting your physician.

Nail Fungi can be contagious. Use lightly as a preventative after exposure to locker rooms, common athletic areas, or after visiting your favorite nail spa for safety.