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Ahhh… Sore Muscle Solution


Maximum pain relief with no chemical additives.

Sore aching muscles surrender to Ahhh… Maximum pain relief with no chemical additives. Get relief from “computer strain” on neck, shoulders and wrists. Ahhh… Sore Muscle Solution is MORE than just a warm sensation on the skin. This analgesic herbal salve consists of natural ingredients known for their medical properties to reduce pain, stiffness and inflammation in painful joints, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and muscles due to muscular overexertion.

Pleasant wintergreen/peppermint aroma – no chemical smell. Whether working out, working too long, overtired or simply growing old, sore and aching muscles get to all of us at times. Ahhh… is the answer for painful joints, muscle and joint pain, sore arms, shoulders, knees and backs. Runners, laborers, skiers, and athlete’s from all sports know the pain of muscle cramps, muscle aches and ligament distress. Ahhh… is a safe and natural product crafted from rich oils and healing herbs. Lower back pain, shoulder pain and all aching muscles love the soothing relief of Ahhh… . Contains Emu Oil, a natural carrier that aids the other ingredients in penetrating to the “hurt.”



Get “Breathtaking” Results From Stuffy Noses and Chest Congestion!

Luscious Lip Balm


Luscious Lip Balm is like taking your lips on a trip to the spa!

Created with natural and gentle ingredients including emu oil, coconut oil, Vitamin E, and shea butter. You’ll treasure your soft, moist lips that can survive most anything the environment throws at them.


Massage in a Bottle


Relief for joint and muscle pain in hips, back, shoulders and legs, all over the body wherever you hurt, is quickly available with the roll-on convenience of MASSAGE IN A BOTTLE. Whether you suffer from sore muscles, aching joints, or extreme muscle pain, this product with bring you extreme relief. The heat soaks deep into tissues, ligaments and muscles to soothe, quiet, warm and comfort.

Skin Wizard


Skin Wizard Skin Repair Solution is a blend of rich oils and healing herbs that help repair dry, chapped or damaged skin.

Totally Anal


What can we say? UNTIL one gets hemorrhoids and the accompanying itch, burn and pain, there isn’t a lot of interest in hemorrhoid cream. But once it is a reality, YOUR reality, you develop an instant passion.

Zappa Zit


Zappa Zit is the perfect acne solution for those dreadful eruptions that pop up at the worst possible moment.