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Truce Serum Anti-Aging Solution


Once in a while a product comes along and takes everyone by surprise.  That is what you will discover in Truce Serum Anti-Aging Solution.   This rich blend of exotic botanicals bathes skin in luxury.  With no artificial chemicals or harmful added ingredients, this serum combines the world’s finest facial oils and infuses them with effective anti-aging herbs, lush plants herbalists have guarded for centuries.

Truce Serum Fading Solution 20ml jar


Truce Serum Fading Solution works to fade away sun damage naturally! A delightful light lemon fragrance and a silky feel on your skin. This fragrant blend of botanical oils and herbs have been known to have a lightening effect on skin issues. Consistent use is the key! Safe and Gentle – No Side Effects – No Harsh Chemicals – Moisturizing and Rejuvenating – Pleasant Scent.

Truce Serum Laugh Line Eye Solution 15ml jar


Truce Serum Laugh Line Solution is crafted with rare exotic essential oils; Helichrysum & German Chamomile, both known for deep cellular restoration & repair. These and other botanicals sourced globally work synergistically to penetrate deep into the sensitive and delicate skin cell layers around the eyes.

Truce Serum Skin Repair Solution 30ml Jar


Truce Serum Skin Repair Solution is a blend of rich oils and healing herbs that help repair dry, chapped or damaged skin. Truce Serum Skin Repair Solution does MORE than temporarily smooth the top layer of epidermal skin cells. This topical ointment consists of natural ingredients known for microbial and medicinal properties to aid in healing dry or damaged skin.

Truce Serum Spa Package


The Truce Serum Spa Package contains the four major products in the Truce Serum Line.  All the rich, exotic and rare botanicals your skin thirsts for are infused in this fine collection which includes Solutions for Anti-Aging, Skin Repair, Spot Fading and Laugh Lines.

The Truce Serum Spa Package contains:

Truce Serum Anti-Aging Serum    30ml pump bottle

Truce Serum Skin Repair Solution    30ml Jar

Truce Serum Fading Solution   20ml Jar

Truce Serum Laugh Line Eye Solution   15ml Jar