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Beach Butter


BEACH BUTTER Sun Protection Solution is a safe and all natural way to protect your skin against UVB and both short and long UVA radiation. PABA Free. Wonderfully moisturizing.

Belly Lube


A RICH massage oil blend specially formulated for aiding skin elasticity during pregnancy.

Boo Boo Kiss


Boo Boo Kiss Minor Wound Solution for Kids .5 oz Roll-up Tube

If you are looking for an all natural and safe healing product for your little one’s scratches and cuts, look no further than Naked Newt’s BooBoo Kiss. Gentle and effective with healing oils and a sweet aroma, BooBoo Kiss is so safe your child can apply it!

Bums ‘n Roses Booty Balm


Amazing, rose petal skin care for infants and children.

Our herbal remedy combination is Anti-bacterial, Anti-viral, and Anti-fungal (yeast). BUMS ‘n ROSES is a blend of oils, rose petals and herbs that pampers baby skin. No cream or lotion can equal the healing properties for baby skin conditions, diaper rash, allergy redness or other problems. Baby skin can be as tender and fragile as it looks. First exposure to foods, soaps or laundry products can cause reactions from redness to painful rash. BUMS ‘n ROSES, a blend of vitamin E, rich oils and healing botanicals, is the fragrant, gentle way to sooth and protect your child. Baby skin care, baby skin rash, baby skin problems, baby dry skin and baby diaper rash all respond quickly and safely to BUMS ‘n ROSES. This safe and natural product is as earth friendly as it is gentle to your baby’s tender skin. Pamper your infant with rose petals and love.



Stingerz Bite and Sting Solution is a soothing blend of natural herbs and oils. It quickly calms nerve endings and comforts welts, itching and pain.