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Eye of Newt


An effective solution for warts and skin anomalies. No freezing, no scarring. Painless and natural.

The stigma of warts has caused embarrassment since time began. Wrongly associated with toads, ugly warts have caused people to avoid touching sufferers. EYE OF NEWT makes short work of warts. . Usually located on hands, knees, bottom of the feet and even the face, common warts are no match for EYE OF NEWT .

Happy Toes


Happy Toes Nail Fungus Solution eliminates fungus infection on fingers, toes, and under nails. It works. One of the greatest complaints of athletes, senior citizens, locker room users and hapless travelers is the sudden appearance of toenail fungus and a variety of foot fungus, skin fungus and nail fungus conditions. Products abound but almost none of them work. And sometimes, the cure is more hazardous to the body than the fungus infection.

Skin Wizard


Skin Wizard Skin Repair Solution is a blend of rich oils and healing herbs that help repair dry, chapped or damaged skin.